• salaries:minimum 14$/h; conditions: medium to advanced English

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 The USA are a federal state comprising 50 states, one federal district (the District of Columbia) and 14 territories. The power is shared between the federal government and each state individual government. Each state has smaller or bigger cities governed by their own organisations.

The 3 powers in the USA run at 3 levels: the legislative, the judicial and the executive. They are all based on the USA Constitution. Each level of power is independent, though power will not concentrate in one department; this protects the citizens rights and liberties.

The USA are a constitutional republic having the oldest ever written constitution in the world history. The US government runs as a democratic system represented by a congregational system held by a set of powers supported by the Constitution.

There are 3 levels of government: federal, state and local administration. 

The officers and clerk working at these 3 levels are either elected by a secret vote or appointed by the other government officials.

The Federal Government includes 3 branches. Each branch of the federal government shares equally in the power to interpret the Constitution

  • the legislative: the U.S. Congress is bicameral in structure, meaning that it consists of two chambers, in this case the House of Representatives and the
  • the executive: the President performs many judicial and legislative functions; with the help of Senate he appoints the other members of the cabinet and of the Federal Government.
  • the judicial: the Supreme Court of Justice whose judges are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate



Buna ziua tuturor celor interesati de H2B, contracte in domeniul carausilor de mobila

Dorim sa va anuntam, ca din pacate, epidemia Covid a afectat si acest sector, si deocamdata, in continuare NU se poate aplica pentru viza de munca temporara in acest domeniu! Va rugam sa aveti rabdare si in in acelasi timp incredere, AGENTIA va va anunta cand si cum se vor relua procedurile pt aplicare pt viza H2B.

Ambasada nu proceseaza dosare, decat pt unele exceptii, din sectorul H2B fiind aprobate doar petitiile din sectorul Food Processing!

Va multumim pentru intelegere!