• salaries:minimum 14$/h; conditions: medium to advanced English

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H2B program U.S.A.

The H2B program is very popular among non-agricultural seasonal businesses as it fulfills high peak staffing needs with qualified or non-qualified individuals, on a temporary work visa. Participants may work for up to 10 months, depending on  employer's need. Employers compensate H-2B workers with the prevailing rate of pay for regular full-time employees in the same positions. Employers are also able to request the same eligible workers year after year to reduce the time spent on training, and allow for continuity in the workplace each season.

Duration: 5-10 months, depending on Employer's seasonal needs

Employer eligibility:

  • Seasonal non-agricultural business that can demonstrate a peak-load need during a particular period of time, such as moving companies, hotels and restaurants, amusements parks, ski resorts, landscaping, retail, sea food processing.
  • Examples of typical positions occupied by H2B participants are: movers, housekeepers, waiters, cooks, bartenders, hosts, dishwashers, maintenance workers, ski lift operators, shop assistants, seafood processors etc.




Buna ziua tuturor celor interesati de H2B, contracte in domeniul carausilor de mobila

Dorim sa va anuntam, ca din pacate, epidemia Covid a afectat si acest sector, si deocamdata, in continuare NU se poate aplica pentru viza de munca temporara in acest domeniu! Va rugam sa aveti rabdare si in in acelasi timp incredere, AGENTIA va va anunta cand si cum se vor relua procedurile pt aplicare pt viza H2B.

Ambasada nu proceseaza dosare, decat pt unele exceptii, din sectorul H2B fiind aprobate doar petitiile din sectorul Food Processing!

Va multumim pentru intelegere!