• salaries:minimum 14$/h; conditions: medium to advanced English

  • We continue to sign up for the H2B! Hurry to sign up by the end of the year!



Information about the H2B program

The H2B program is suitable for people who want a work in the USA for up to 10 months a year.

This program is sponsored by the American State, who gives the opportunity to work legally in the USA for a period of maximum 10 months a year.

Our comapny has successfully used the H2Bcompany program for 10 years now. Why? Because the participants work an average of 7 months a year, from spring to fall. For the winter holidays they come back home, enjoy them within their family and in spring they can apply again for the visa and go back to the USA. They go directly to the Employer, having a valid work contract and accommodation provided, at a cost, by their Employer. The payrate is starting with 14$/h, with possibility of overtime (anything exceeding the  40 hours of the weekly working hours), when they are paid better, one time and a half of their regular payrate. Once a participant gets the H2B visa and has respected the dates on his visa, the Embassy interview is much more simple than the first time and he is not counted anymore in the annual limmited H2B visas number. He becomes an H2R (returning worker or returnee). The Embassy admission rate is great for our company, 100% in 2008! ABSOLUTELY NO VISA REFUSAL! In 2009 the rate was 98%. In 2010 the rate was 97%. In 2011 and 2012: 96%. In 2017 was 100%.

Important! The H2B program allows any individual to work in the USA. You do not need to be a student. It is for anybody between 20 and 40 years old.

Every year the payrate increases with 1$/h according to each Employer, and the program cost goes down.


  • Age: between 20 and 40 years old
  • medium English
  • good physical condition, resilience to great physical effort

It's a plus:

  • a sports life
  • professional driving licence



  • the online application on our website
  • a Copy of the ID
  • a Copy of the passport (with picture and visas-if they exist)
  • PRE-INTERVIEW in English with a Mike's Agency representative


  • a letter from your local Employer and a copy of the latest graduation diploma (a copy of your work record, if the case)
  • a medical letter where it states that you are capable of physical work
  • police record
  • a letter from the passport Department showing that you do not have any interdiction to enter the USA



EMBASSY INTERVIEW (documents necessary after receiving the contract)-STEP 5

  • passport (valid 6 months after the contract expiration)
  • 1 photo 5X5
  • receipts of the Embassy tax (190$ paid at any BRD counter)
  • DS 160 (to be filled in at our office)
  • work agreement
  • copy of Notice of Action form (petition)
  • warranties for the Embassy (in original, they are not compulsory, but highly recommended): work record, letter from your Employer that he will hire you again when you come back from the USA, marriage certificate, birth certificates of your children, and/or documents of properties


  • applying for the H2B program
  • pre-interview
  • interview with the American Employer: December - January
  • filing for the Embassy interview: February-March
  • Training and orientation
  • set off: April-May


The program cost is 0$ 

Note: The program cost does not include the medical insurance and plane ticket, which will be purchased through the companies agreed by Mike's Agency. No exceptions! The medical insurance offerd by Mikes Agency costs 700 RON and covers 4 events of 10000 Euro each. It's through Groupama and is to be paid before the visa in Mikes Agency office or at any Groupama counter. The price of the plane ticket will be negociated with the partner agency. The participant has to pay an advanced of 550 Euro for the plane ticket after being accepted by the American Employer and before the visa interview. In case of visa refusal, the guarantee and the medical insurance are fully refunded.

Contracts from 2002 to 2019: Mike's Agency placed during the last 17 years, thousands of participants at moving companies, as movers, packers, drivers, workers in constructions and administrative officers in Massachusetts, Montana, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania.


Locations, number, contracts period and pay rate:

  • 1. moving company (locations: Boston, MA and Washington DC) - 80 contracts/year for 8 months  - pay rate: 12 $/h and 18 $/h overtime
  • 2. moving company (location: Washington DC) - 65 contracts/year for 8 months - pay rate: 11 $/h and 16.5$/h overtime
  • 3. moving company (location: Boston, MA) - 80 contracts/year for 9 months - pay rate: 12.50 $/h and 18.75 $/h overtime
  • 4. moving company (location: Woodbridge, VA) - 30 contracts/year for 8 months - pay rate: 11 $/h
  • 5. moving company (location: Boston, MA) - 30 contracts/year for 7 months - pay rate: 10.50 $/h and 15.75 $/h overtime
  • 6. moving company (location: Boston, MA and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 20 contracts/year for 7 months  - pay rate: 11 $/h and 16.50$/h overtime
  • 7. moving company (location: Boston, MA) - 15 contracts/year for 7.5 months - pay rate: 11 $/h and 16.5$/h overtime

Notice: The income is chargeable. The taxes vary from state to state and may be between 12-15 %. These taxes can be recovered after returning to Romania.


Buna ziua tuturor celor interesati de H2B, contracte in domeniul carausilor de mobila

Dorim sa va anuntam, ca din pacate, epidemia Covid a afectat si acest sector, si deocamdata, in continuare NU se poate aplica pentru viza de munca temporara in acest domeniu! Va rugam sa aveti rabdare si in in acelasi timp incredere, AGENTIA va va anunta cand si cum se vor relua procedurile pt aplicare pt viza H2B.

Ambasada nu proceseaza dosare, decat pt unele exceptii, din sectorul H2B fiind aprobate doar petitiile din sectorul Food Processing!

Va multumim pentru intelegere!