• salaries:minimum 14$/h; conditions: medium to advanced English

  • We continue to sign up for the H2B! Hurry to sign up by the end of the year!


Q. What does MOVER mean?
R. For details, see "Job Description" in the Downloads file.

Q. Do I need to go in person at the Embassy?

Yes. You will get the visa only after an interview at the Embassy. The group of participants will be accompanied by one of our representatives. Due to an excellent collaboration with the US Embassy, we are very optimistic about your chances to get the visa.

Q. What does athletics constitution mean?
R. In general it means 180 cm iheight and its respective weight.

Q. How much can I earn?
R. You can earn between 11 - 13 $/h average for 40 h/week, overtime is paid 16,5 - 19,25 $/h, plus tips.

Q. Am I exempt from taxes?

No. Taxes can be up to 15%, but you can get them back on your return in Romania. At the end of the year the American employer will send you the W2 form. On this basis we'll calculate your refund.

Q. Does the employer take care of accommodation?

Yes. The company will rent appartments or will assist you in finding rent close by. The rent will be deducted from your paycheck, between 250$-450$/month.

Q. How many hours a week will I work?

There is no fixed schedule. but you will work an average of 40h/week.

Q. What chances do I have to get the visa?

As long as you meet all the conditions, your chances are high. You are subject to get denied if you do not have a clean police record, if you have family in the USA or other visa denials. The rest is up to the Embassy officer. No one will guarantee for your visa. The percentage of visas is very good at our agency, 95% this year.

Q. For how long is the contract?

8 months between April 1st and December 1st; 9 months beween march 1st and December 1st.

Q. Can I extend my contract while in the USA?

No, it can not be extended. When the visa expires you have to get back in Romania and apply for another visa in the next season.

Q. What does ties mean for the Embassy?

Ties with your country are: properties (property documents for a house, land, car)-originals; from your employer: a letter stating that you are currently employed, paycheck, work contract; financial documents (account statement, certificates from private investors); family documents (marriage certificate, birth certificates for your children)-originals; business (company's financial situation recently validated by the Financial department, account statement, Registration Certificate)-originals

Q. Is your agency accredited?

Yes, our agency was accredited in 2002 by the Local Department of Labour in Cluj( - useful information, list of the accredited companies).


Buna ziua tuturor celor interesati de H2B, contracte in domeniul carausilor de mobila

Dorim sa va anuntam, ca din pacate, epidemia Covid a afectat si acest sector, si deocamdata, in continuare NU se poate aplica pentru viza de munca temporara in acest domeniu! Va rugam sa aveti rabdare si in in acelasi timp incredere, AGENTIA va va anunta cand si cum se vor relua procedurile pt aplicare pt viza H2B.

Ambasada nu proceseaza dosare, decat pt unele exceptii, din sectorul H2B fiind aprobate doar petitiile din sectorul Food Processing!

Va multumim pentru intelegere!